How will my idea be assessed?

Your teams proposed idea for a product, app or service will be assessed on the criteria below.

At the first stage of the application process we’re looking for teams’ potential to meet the criteria. Teams who get through to the finalist stage will be asked to demonstrate how they’ve developed their solution against the criteria. 

 If you are not sure about any of the criteria check out our FAQ’s or get in touch by emailing

Judging Criteria 

What we’re looking for 

Innovative use of AI

New ideas or adaptations and new interpretations of a solution: you should be able to articulate the problem and how your solution fits the theme and use of AI


Impact on your theme

Articulation of the problem and how the idea is addressing the issue:


A clear planning process, research and experimentation to progress the solution from idea to reality; consideration for what resources teams will need 

Application to the real world, how it will be made, who will use it, how much it will cost?


How will the team work together, how will they recognise their contributions and the strengths they can all bring to the team


How will the team market and promote their idea? 

Security & Ethics

Consideration for the ethics and security issues of using AI and an idea of the type of impact the solution can have