Longitude Explorer will re-launch on 23rd September, and this site will be updated to include all the information you need to enter the prize, including learning resources and AI factsheets. Until then, please see below for Frequently Asked Questions and email explorer@nesta.org.uk if you have any to add to the list! 

1. When will the Prize run?

The prize will run across the academic year, opening in September 23rd and running until the beginning of July. There will be several stages throughout the prize and events for teams to engage with.

2. Am I eligible to enter?

You are eligible to enter  as long as the team is aged 11-16 years old by the entry period deadline (29th November 2019). 2 to 5 young people can enter as a team. An adult needs to represent as a guardian throughout the challenge prize as a member of staff of a UK secondary school or constituted youth group. More information will be available on 23rd September 

3. Can more than one team from the same school or youth group enter the Prize?

Yes, we encourage this! Longitude Explorer is a great activity for a whole class or group to get involved in. Our website will provide activity session plans and learning resources that will help large or small groups start thinking of ideas, and they can then split into teams. In previous prizes we have had plenty of teams from the same class or group. 

4. Can a team enter more than one idea?

Yes. There is no limit to your creativity! However, we strongly recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity.

5. I’m not familiar with AI – can I still enter? 

Yes! The Longitude Explorer Prize is all about exposing young people to new forms of technology, so we’re not looking for experts. Our website will have all the information you need to get up to speed on the basics of AI. All you need to enter is a basic understanding of IF your product uses AI – we’ll help you figure out just HOW it does. 

6. How do I enter?

You will be able to enter your idea via the main challenge web page via an online form after 23rd September.  Please make sure you have read the supporting  materials which will be available on the website, including the judging criteria and T&Cs

7. Is there a registration fee?

No. The prize is free to enter.

8. Who can we contact if we have questions about our entry or prize process?

You can send an email to explorer@nesta.org.uk