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Please note: The final submission deadline has now passed. Invitations to the online Awards ceremony will be shared with teams in early July.

What do I need to include in my final submission to the Longitude Explorer Prize? 

  • A complete business plan workbook (download the template below)
  • A video pitch – please see our new pitching guidance for more information on this part of your submission. 


For any questions about your submission please see this live FAQs document  (updated weekly) or email

Download the resources below for the online webinars. 

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All you need to know to submit your Longitude Explorer Prize submission

Submission: The business plan workbook

Download the business plan workbook here

A copy of the workbook has been shared with each Team Champion but below are links to download your own copies:

  • The Google Doc version will prompt you to create a copy, which will then give you an individualised version for you to share with your team so they can work on it simultaneously. 
  • The MS Word Document version can also be downloaded for teams to work on offline and share with each other.

Supporting resources

Struggling to find the right dataset or software, check out our recommendations!


We know remote working can be hard so here is some of our favourite advice and tools.

Submission: the Video Pitch

Workshop 1: Concept Development delivered by Little Mammoth

Concept Development workshop resources

Download the resources here

Download the powerpoint slides here.

This workshop covers topics including: User Mapping Journey – understanding your user and their experience, Creating a design brief, Ideation – generating a great idea and communicating it

  • Optional Pre-workshop prep template (Little Mammoth Worksheet 1
  • Workshop task: User Journey Mapping (Little Mammoth Worksheet 2
  • Optional post-workshop task Creating a Design Brief (Little Mammoth Worksheet 3
  • Workshop Task: Exploring Ideas (Little Mammoth Worksheet 4)
  • Optional Workshop task:  Capturing Concepts (Little Mammoth Worksheet 5)

(Editable versions of the worksheets here)

Example Worksheets

To help you fill out your own worksheets here are some examples of already completed ones!

Workshop 2: Marketing Strategy delivered by the YP Collective

Marketing Strategy Workshop Resources

Download the powerpoint slides here. 

This workshop will cover the value of marketing for your business. Topics will include: 

  • The core pillars of marketing 
  • Understanding the different approaches and tools to marketing 
  • Creating a user friendly digital presence

No worksheets necessary for this webinar.

Workshop 3: Business Planning Delivered by Erica Neve

Business Planning workshop resources

Download the powerpoint slides here.

This workshop covers value proposition, and how to frame your business model around your key stakeholders. Topics will include:

  • Developing a business model canvas 
  • The importance of receiving and acting on feedback
  • How to communicate what makes your idea unique

Download the Business Planning workshop worksheets

Workshop 4: Product Development delivered by Little Mammoth

Product Development Workshop Resources

Download the Product Development Workshop Worksheets

Download the workshop powerpoint slides here.

This workshop covers the Product Development Process, including: Refining your concept, Prototyping methods and User Research

Example Worksheets

To help you fill out your own worksheets here are some examples of already completed ones!

A.I. Webinar delivered by Fire Tech

This A.I. Workshop covers:

  • A.I. capabilities and applications
  • Examples of tools & software to explore A.I. further
  •  Security & ethical implications around A.I.
  • Q&A


  • Webinar PowerPoint presentation here. 
  • Machine Learning software
    & tools here.
  • Teachable Machine guidance
  • Build and control a program
    based on the classic ‘Snake’
    game here.